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Agra Mathura City Transport Service Ltd. is a city based service under JNNURM scheme of Government of India which operates primarily in the city of Agra & Mathura. It covers the entire city and is used by daily commuters. Agra Mathura City Transport Service Ltd. Have Total 230 buses in Agra 10 A/c, 10 Non A/c Semi low Floor Marco polo Buses, 75 Tata Kamal Buses ,75 Swaraj Mazda Buses and in Mathura 60Swaraj Mazda Buses . These types of buses have been very successful in Agra & Mathura it is liked by all sections of commuters it is liked very much for environment friendly, easy, comfortable & safe transportation by daily commuters like office goers, students, senior citizen and ladies. Agra Mathura City Transport Service Ltd is headquartered at 96 Gwalior road Agra and Camp officefoundarynagar,Hathras RoadAgra. It has 2 depots. Bus depots are at foundarynagar and Mathura. The Main AMCTSL Terminal areDayalbagh& ISBT in Agra and New Bus Stand in Mathura .

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